I Thought He Was Standing By Himself, But The Truth Left Me In Tears

Bud Caldwell of Fon Do Lac, Wisconsin, consistently drives to a nearby park and visits a bench commemorating the life of his wife Betty. He does this every day, regardless of the weather.

Recently, a snowstorm posed quite the problem for Caldwell, who calls his daily visit the best part of his day. Many inches of white powder blocked Caldwell from the bench, where he leaves a daisy and a penny and tells his wife about his day. Luckily, park employees noticed Caldwell sitting in his car, unable to make his daily trek, and did something incredible.

Bud Caldwell visiting his wife Betty’s memorial bench.

The park employees grabbed a couple of shovels and cleared a path so Caldwell could pay his visit. How sweet! Caldwell was floored by the employees’ act of kindness. You just know the good deed came up in his conversation with his wife.

A daisy left by Caldwell.

(via FOX)

What a heartwarming story! I hope that all of this snowy weather will let up and Bud will have a much easier and more enjoyable time visiting his wife’s memorial.

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