This Woman’s Speech Made The Audience Go Silent. It’s About The Food You Eat


Food marketers have the tricky task of figuring out how to get us to buy food. Whether food is healthy or unhealthy food, we have to be willing to put it into our bodies and they will be producing it until they can’t convince us anymore.

When it comes to food production, a lot of what we consume, as a whole, is processed food. This means it is food that is not in its natural form but instead has been altered in some way having to do with flavor, color, shelf life etc. Often times healthy foods become very unhealthy after they have been processed, as much of what is added to the foods is harmful to our health.

The reality is, if we saw first hand what is going into our food and also how our food is produced, we probably wouldn’t buy it. For example when it comes to animals, if we saw the conditions that they live in, how they are raised from birth, how they are slaughtered and what food and medications go into them, we probably wouldn’t eat it. In our minds we have this idea of a chicken, cow or pig in a nice grassy area having a great time with life. Then we see it nicely getting killed and prepared for us to eat. 99% of the time, this is not even close to what is happening.

If you want the full low down on what is going on, you can check this out.

The video below is of a woman giving a presentation about food marketing and how they convince us to buy foods we probably wouldn’t otherwise buy.

Note: You may have noticed by the end of the video that this was a mock speech. The reason it was important to see it before knowing this is because of the power of the message. Although the video was scripted, this is precisely what happens in the industry and WE are the ones that have a choice about where it goes from here. Vote with your dollar.

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