The country with the lowest birth rate in the world might surprise you


The number of babies being born in Germany is officially the lowest in the world.

That’s according to recent birth rate figures by the World Bank showing how just 8.28 babies are born per 1,000 people at the moment.

Britain’s birth rate meanwhile is ranked at 152nd out of 208 countries at 12.68 babies per 1,000.

The higher birth rate in the UK is believed to be due to immigration, with foreign mothers giving birth keeping figures buoyant.

Germany has also experienced similar migration, but the birth rate has remained low indicating that foreign mothers there are adopting the national habit of having fewer children later in life.

This does not appear to be the case in Britain.

Elsewhere, Niger has the highest birth rate in the world with 49.93 births per 1,000 and Mali a close second with 47.54 births.

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